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Easily create quizzes, surveys and forms to collect data — no coding required.

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Your One-Stop Solution for All Form Needs

  • Sign Ups

    Simplify the registration process with user-friendly forms, ensuring a smooth and welcoming first interaction.
  • Feedback & Surveys

    Understand your audience better. Collect invaluable feedback and conduct comprehensive surveys seamlessly.
  • Tests & Quizzes

    Engage your users with interactive quizzes and tests. Perfect for educational content or just for fun.
  • Product Recommendations

    Guide your customers with personalized product recommendations. Use forms to understand their needs and suggest relevant products.
  • Quote & Information Requests

    Let clients reach out effortlessly. Convert inquiries into sales opportunities with efficient, custom forms.
  • Contact & Support

    Offer superior customer service with structured contact and support forms. Resolve issues quickly and efficiently.
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Building Forms Made Easy

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Maximize User Engagement Across All Customer Touchpoints

By delivering one engaging question at a time from a selection of 15 question types, VeeForm captivates users, ensuring meaningful interactions and high-quality data collection. With pre-made templates and customizable options like colors, images, and languages, VeeForm enriches and personalizes every customer touchpoint, from fun quizzes to sign-up flows.
  • Pre-made templates
  • 15 questions types: dropdown, multi choice, rating...
  • Customizable options: colors, images, themes, languages
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App Features

Skyrocket Your Conversion Rates and Pre-Qualify Leads

Choose from our library of visually appealing pre-designed templates to enhance user experience and exceed industry conversion rates. VeeForm's powerful conditional logic and answer-recall features efficiently pre-qualify leads, providing your sales team with higher quality prospects through 3 different ending types.
  • Powerful conditional logic
  • Recall answers in other questions
  • 3 different ending types
Logic in form questions
App Features

Convert Data into Profitable Opportunities

Our analytics dashboard goes beyond simple data collection, helping you turn insights into actionable strategies that drive business growth and decision-making. Mine deep insights into customer behaviors and preferences, allowing for more targeted and effective communication strategies, from email campaigns to product development.
  • Monitor answers with analytics
  • Export data as .CSV or connect it to your marketing tool
  • Enrich your CRM contact data and leads
Form analytics dashboard
App Features

Engage Across Multiple Platforms and Formats

VeeForm offers effortless integration into your existing app, landing page, or as an exit-intent popup, thanks to its multiple display options. Generate unique links for easy quiz distribution, ensuring you reach your audience effectively. Designed for rapid deployment, it's multi-device compatible, making it the versatile choice for today's agile businesses.
  • Multiple display options: on-page, button, popups
  • Generate a unique link for easy quiz distribution
  • Optimized for all devices: desktop, mobile, tablet
Form on multiple platforms
App Integrations

Integrate Your Favorite Tools

Connect with the most popular marketing tools and apps to seamlessly manage your data and create personalized marketing campaigns. Our integration feature makes it easier than ever to maximize your ROI and drive more sales.
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