Unlock Higher Conversion Rates with Product Recommendation Quizzes

Give customers the power to make informed purchasing decisions. VeeForm is the effortless and powerful solution to create quizzes that boost conversion rates and drive sales.

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App Benefits

The Right Product to the Right Person

Assist Shoppers

Boost customer satisfaction by assisting shoppers in finding products that meet their needs and enabling them to make informed purchasing decisions.

Drive Sales

Increase sales for your e-commerce business by offering an interactive way for customers to receive tailored recommendations and discover new products.

Collect Customer Data

Gain valuable insights into customer preferences and add leads to your mailing list or CRM to create more personalized high-return marketing efforts.

Increase Engagement

Provide a fun and educational experience for customers to help increase brand loyalty and encourage repeat visits to your website.
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Building Quizzes Made Easy

App Features

Customize, Create and Convert with our Advanced Builder

Create forms effortlessly with our user-friendly builder. Choose from pre-built templates or start from scratch. Select from a wide range of question type such as dropdown, multi-choice, and rating, you can create engaging and interactive surveys or quizzes. Our powerful conditional logic allows you to tailor your questions based on previous answers, creating a personalized experience for each user. Customize your form with colors, themes, and images to match your branding.
  • 15 questions types: dropdown, multi choice, rating...
  • Powerful conditional logic
  • Customizable options: colors, images, themes, languages
Form Builder
App Features

Offer a Personalized Shopping Experience

Increase repeat business by offering a personalized shopping experience. With the ability to upvote or exclude products based on your customers's answers, ensure that only the most relevant products are presented to them at the end of the form, highly improving the chances of conversion. Also choose from other endings options to fully customize your sales funnel.
  • Upvote and exclude products
  • 3 different ending types
  • Recall answers in other questions
Product Recommendation
App Features

Power Up Your Marketing Strategy with Data-Driven Insights

Elevate your brand's potential with our data-driven insights! Monitor your sales progress with our analytics dashboard, and collect valuable data to tag shoppers based on their responses. Send captured leads to your mailing list or CRM and leverage customer profile data to create personalized, profitable marketing campaigns. Let our innovative tools transform your marketing approach and help you reach new heights!
  • Monitor answers and sales with analytics
  • Export data as .CSV or connect it to your marketing tool
  • Enrich your CRM contact data and leads
Analytics dashboard
App Integrations

Integrate Your Favorite Tools

Connect with the most popular marketing tools and apps to seamlessly manage your data and create personalized marketing campaigns. Our integration feature makes it easier than ever to maximize your ROI and drive more sales.
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