On this page, we’ll see how to simply duplicate a quiz from a VeeForm account to another.

First, go to “My Quizzes” in your base account and click on “… > Export” on the quiz you’d like to export.


You should see the following popup that shows an “Import ID” for your quiz. Click on “Copy” to copy the “Import ID” to your clipboard.


Now, logout and log into your new VeeForm account where you’d like to import the quiz. Click on “Add new quiz” and then click on the import button on the top right of the screen (or directly click here).


You should see the following popup. Paste the “Import ID” in the input and click on “Import”.


And voilĂ , your quiz has been imported into your new VeeForm account!

Please note that integrations/products/collections will not be kept in the imported quiz, also the quiz ID will change. You may need to work on those parts and double-check that everything is okay before going live.