VeeForm enables you to create/update a Shopify Customer every time someone answers your quiz. This is useful to run relevant marketing campaigns or even just to know your customers better. Let’s see how this works with an example.


I have created a simple quiz recommending products based on the favorite color of the respondent. On the screenshot below, you can see that in the “Customer tags” tab, I am assigning a “purple-lover” tag or a “green-lover” tag based on the respondent’s answer.

Now, I can go to the “Integrations” section of the quiz and add the “Shopify Customers” integration. Please note that your quiz must collect at least an email address or a phone number to be able to add it.

In the popup that just opened, I can select the marketing consent statuses for email and SMS marketing (as you can see on the screenshot below).

You can select a consent status among :
Not subscribed. This means that the customer has not agreed to receive marketing messages.
Subscribed – Single opt-in. According to Shopify’s documentation, this means that the customer receives marketing information without any intermediate step.
Subscribed – Confirmed opt-in. According to Shopify’s documentation, this means that the customer receives a confirmation and is required to perform an intermediate step before receiving marketing information.

As Shopify mentioned, the opt-in levels are defined in the M3AAWG best practices guideline document. Depending on your country’s laws, you may or may not be required to use a certain opt-in level : please refer to Shopify’s guide about collecting contact information for more details on this subject.

In my example, I’ve selected “Subscribed – Single opt-in” for email and “Not subscribed” for SMS.

I hit “Save” and I install my quiz on my website. That’s it for the setup!


On the screenshot below, you can see the result once “[email protected]” has anwered the quiz : she has been added to my “Customers” list with the tag “green-lover” (as she said that green was his favorite color), a “Subscribed” email marketing status and a “Not subscribed” SMS marketing status.


From there, you could perhaps create a Marketing Automation for Shopify Email to send Sigourney Doe more information about green products!